What's this? This is The Fauna Project, an association of volunteers wanting to support furry music. The project aims to help furry musicians and composers to create more and better music. Our premier goal is to create the first Fauna CD filled with songs by furry musicians.

The Fauna CD will contain about 12 to 20 tracks. Each song will be illustrated by a furry artist, and the illustration will go into the CD booklet, together with lyrics and credits.

We've had our first jam session and have collected a number of song ideas. Our original plan to make this an open submission project was scrapped because it turned out to be too complicated and paperwork-heavy. Instead, we just jump right into it and make music.

We're open to suggestions and submissions! If you want to join in and bring a song idea or two, or play an instrument, by all means: tell us! Just write us an email to

    contact at fauna-project.org

There is no planned release date, but we'll update this page when there's significant news.

Have fun!

-- The Fauna Project Team

First Concert!

We had our first concert at EuroFurence 13! It was amazing! The Fauna Project Concert was a two hours something show on the main stage of EuroFurence 13 in Suhl. There was an audience of about 200 to 300 people, and I dare say they liked it a lot. :)

Photos will be linked later, for now all I have is the poster image.

We also met several musicians at EuroFurence, and I hope they'll contact us. It'd be great to have more musicians with fresh ideas and new perspectives around. The Fauna Project will now focus on creating a CD with songs from the concert and new songs that have yet to be written.